Children’s Publishing for Beginning Writers

Do you have an idea for a children’s book?

Maybe you have a draft for a picture book or even a completed manuscript that you’re finally ready to dust off. Kathy Price is the author of an award-winning  picture book and over 100 articles on education and children’s publishing. Learn from Kathy to take the  next step with your manuscript or ideas.

Teachers are gifted storytellers, creative planners, and  magical wizards in constructing stimulating curricula. Use these talents and academic strengths to craft  picture books, non-fiction, easy readers and young adult novels.

With Kathy’s online & telephone workshops, as a participant, you

  • Discover where can you network with editors to pitch your manuscript.
  • Gain knowledge of what to expect when submitting to a literary agent versus a publishing house.
  •  Understand the Do’s and Dont’s of communication with industry professionals.
  • Differentiate between YA, picture book, mid-grade, easy reader, and graphic novels and other genres.
  • Obtain Kathy’s personal critique on writing & submission exercises

Although the workshops are offered to educators , the classes are ideal for a beginning writer of any background! Discover how an idea is transformed into a book. Get a behind-the-scenes experience of the writing process. Learn the many steps taken by the author, editor, and illustrator to get any book “just right.”

Experience the world of publishing in an exciting and educational format for all who are interested in the world of Children’s Book writing.  Kathy Price is  not only an award-winning author, but also an educator and teacher. Learn from her “errors” and “wins” to glean valuable insights and practices  in children’s publishing.